Door Entry


Techniphone have been manufacturing Door entry systems since the 1960s. We have very large installations and maintenance contracts in Spain but we have concentrated more on the lock release side of our business in the UK. Nevertheless you will find our handsets with our distinctive logo in other manufacturers installations as we have over the years imported thousands of our handsets into the UK. Manufacturers such as Kallglobe Ltd. (previously known as Door Security Systems Ltd.) who designed their systems to use our handsets and even converted our audio handsets into Video units.

We have over the years supplied a large number of our small kits (one, two and three ways) through locksmiths and direct to installers.

There are also a few of our larger R.5.W. systems out there but these are quite rare.

We have over the years also supplied hundreds of our Universal handsets (which look just like our tone call units but have a buzzer on the PCB) These buyer handsets are for use as replacements in buzzer installations (Videx, BPT, Comelit, Entryphone etc..) But these handsets can not be used with ANY Techniphone, Kallglobe/ Door Security Systems installations.

If you are not sure what system you have there please email us pictures of the front door panel to and we will identify the system and advise you on finding parts and/or diagrams to aid you in the repair.

What Handset

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